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Rebblers PRO

Rebblers PRO

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The Rebblers Pro is the number 1 racing simulator for a great and realistic racing experience. It is the most complete, multifunctional and affordable racing simulator!

The patented simulator consists of a unique bucket seat and aluminum tiltable frame. It can also be mounted in a few minutes. In addition to 8 Allen screws for securing permanent connections, the GameSeat Pro+ only has quick-release fasteners so that everything can be set up quickly and as desired. The bucket seat can be adjusted in no time from, for example, a Rally to a Formula 1 steering position.

Thanks to the many adjustment options, every racer will find the perfect position in this chair. The frame consists of 4 stainless steel telescopes, the use of multiple telescopes and welded reinforcement in all corners creates an extremely stable frame. Perhaps the most stable sim available in its category! Two telescopes are used to guide the steering column and pedals. The other two telescopes are the outriggers and a TV support can be mounted on them. Several accessories can be mounted on the telescopic holders, including a Butkicker or a gear lever holder.

The Rebblers Pro is suitable for young and old. Because the simulator is easy to set up, drivers from the age of 7 can start racing. The Rebblers Pro is the only Rally, Race, F1 simulator that assembles and disassembles in minutes and takes up very little space to store.

Material: stainless steel, aluminum and leather look bucket seat
Color: Black
Simulator size: 140 x 50 x 80 cm

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